Kids lie, cheat and steal.  Parents often respond with panic and punishment.  Polly talks about how parents can instead look at these transgressions as crucial moments to work alongside children, to be an ally as they develop self-reflection and integrity for life.  

The pull of online games is incredibly strong.  In this episode, Polly speaks with a seven-year-old who has been completely captivated by Minecraft, and models how parents can manage tech use while remaining connected with their kids. 

Have you ever felt like you’re an employee working for your kids? This episode is about hierarchy, and how to take back the reins when your children are in charge.  Polly talks about the subtle shifts in hierarchy that happen in families every day, especially those that commence as soon as kids wake up in the morning.  Learn how to hold your ground, even when the stakes are high, and become a more relaxed and confident leader. 

It's natural to worry about our kids, but when is it too much? How much should we wrap ourselves up in concern about how our kids sleep, eat...and poop? Polly talks about how anxious bonds create anxious kids, and walks us down a path of more relaxed parenting.  Learn a new way to love (and calm your nervous system) in under 30 minutes.  

Is it okay for kids to interrupt you and your partner? Get in the middle of your hug? Has our grand commitment to parenting totally sidelined our ability to talk with our partner about anything meaningful?  Polly talks about why partnerships that are front and center keep kids relaxed and bring balance to the whole family. There are practical tips to reconnect if you're chaotic life as parents has caused you to drift. 


Wake up, rush to get the kids out the door, collapse...why can't mornings just be smooth and easy?  Polly gets down to brass tacks on what kids actually need in the morning and how to regain your family's sanity in the early hours.  



Polly explains how spending 15 dedicated minutes a day with your child -- on their terms -- can dramatically change the nature of your relationship.  It's harder than it sounds!

Why is it so hard for kids to turn off the screen?  How do we stay connected with our kids while still allowing the "white box of fun" to be in our lives?  Polly talks about how to talk with kids about gaming and technology, set boundaries, and create a family media plan that works.


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